Saturday, March 18, 2017

Cottage Of A Sea Maiden

Seashells everywhere 

Driftwood dining

Sea glass 

More seashells 

My palace is in the coral cave  Set with spars by the ocean wave;  Would ye have gems, then seek them there, There found I the pearls that bind my hair. I and the wind together can roam  Over the green waves and their white foam.  See, I have got this silver shell,
Mark how my breath will its smallness swell, For the Nautilus is my boat  In which I over the water float, The moon is shining over the sea, Who is there will come sail with me?
~L. E. Landon Fairies Of The Sea-shore

  A quiet beach washed with treasures... I gather and carry to fill my cottage life...sea poetry, song and mist...the fragrance of seawashed shores... 
Cottage Of A Sea Maiden 

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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Floating Near The Water

For just before he came to the river side, she had stept down into the cool clear water;  and her shawl and her petticoat floated off her, and the green water weeds floated round her sides, and the white water lilies floated round her head, and the fairies of the stream came up from the bottom and bore her away and down upon their arms;  for she was the Queen of them all;  and perhaps of more besides.
  ~Charles Kingsley (Art by Warwick Goble)

Sea Poetry
My own words and words of my favorite poets
Watercolor wash of grey on papier a aquarelle with torn edges
(original poetry art by Kerrie Sanderson)

I have been spending these Winter days in the quiet of Seawashed Studio sketching and painting with pale washes of watercolor Roses and Sea Poetry.  I have hand written in watercolor my own words from the many blog posts over these ten years about this quiet life washed by the sea.  I am calling it Sea Poetry.  I have included many of my favorite bits of poetry by Poets of old that have become so much a part of my blog language.  These are now available in my Seawashed Shop.  They can be displayed on inspirational/mood boards, push pinned to walls, tucked in books and bookshelves, or even framed and maybe given in notecards to a friend.  Whatever you would like to do with them.  I hope you will enjoy them as tiny whispers of the sea.

"and her petticoat floated off her..." Kingsley
washed by the sea

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